Amplifr is a service for scheduled posting to your social media accounts.

To make it work, we will first ask you to grant the permissions for posting to your account.

No worries — Amplifr will never post anything unless you want it to.

Please, take note: if you want to make Amplifr work with a company page, you will have to authorize your personal account first. Right after that, Amplifr will prompt you to connect the appropriate company page. Those are Facebook limitations.


Plan and schedule content across multiple social networks

Share content in a couple of clicks, using our app or a browser extension. Amplifr will take care of your content and adjust it for different social networks. Publish now or schedule for later.
Also, we add UTM tags and shorten links automatically, and support RSS and re-posting from Instagram.
Amplifr works perfectly with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Pinterst. More to come: Google+, Viber.

Social media analytics, on the dashboard and in your inbox

Amplifr gathers and crunches numbers on likes, comments, shares, clicks — and more. We update data hourly.
Amplifr provides actionable metrics, such as, what part of your followers is active, your growth rates, what are your most engaging posts — and displays them right in the browser or in the weekly email report.
Amplifr is great. We’ve tried a lot of other tools before finally settling on it. Now I’m sure I’ve made the right choice!
Denis MionchinskyThe Village
We’ve started using Amplifr for all our social media activity and we’re attentively tracking our profiles performance. We now see the posts which people don’t like and unsubscribe from our groups. With Amplifr, we’ve optimized out content strategy
Nikita MikheenkovFounding CEO