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The Best Social Media Conferences in the World

As a business owner whose brand grows on social media, or as a social media marketer, even influencer, you must be familiar with social media conferences. But if you’re not, you’re at the right place.

By Ana Simova, content writer at Ranking Press

When it comes to social media conferences and summits, each year there are more and more. Their number only grows worldwide and we’re here to tell you the best social media conferences around the world you can visit in 2019 and 2020. We’ve separated the top ones by continent and will briefly go over what you can expect from each.

Why Attend Social Media Conferences?

If you’re not that familiar with social media conferences, you might be wondering what the big deal to attend these events is.

Let’s start by telling you something that you already know: social media is constantly changing. New ways of advertising, new features, new tools, new algorithms — you name it!

Only recently Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram checkout that lets consumers buy products directly on the platform instead of being redirected to another site. So, how to stay on top with the constant changes in the social media world? You’ve guessed it, by attending social media conferences and events where these changes are discussed and in many cases introduced for the first time. Let’s give you even more reasons.

Besides learning the newest developments in the social media world, being a part of these events also gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the latest social media statistics and information. This will boost your social media knowledge and help you grow your business.

Another important reason is building relationships and creating new friendships. Social media conferences' attendees are CEOs, CMOs, industry leaders, social media creators, small business owners, innovators, people with great ideas, and those interested to learn. So, you can expect to meet many different people, establish valuable connections, and grow your network. Who knows, you might even meet your future boss or business partner.

And finally, if you have a business, no matter if it’s big or small, these events are the perfect place for you to promote it. Raising brand awareness for your company will help your business grow and you can share ideas with professionals in your industry to make it even better.

Now, let’s begin with our list of the top social media conferences around the world.

The Best Social Media Conferences Worldwide

We’ll give you the must-attend social media conferences and events that we separated by continent, so you can choose the one (s) you find the most interesting.

Social Media Conferences in Europe

Social Media Week — Hamburg, Germany

Date for 2019: February 27th to March 1st

Date for 2020: probably the same month

This was the 8th edition of Social Media Week in Hamburg. This event is a place where small and medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups and freelancers can connect with the leaders of big businesses both from Europe and worldwide. The main topics in 2019 were: taking responsibility for social media content by both writers and platforms, how storytelling can help brands grow with a particular focus on Instagram Stories, and how brands can offer valuable content to their followers that can also help them grow. Other interesting topics were also discussed, such as how social media helps politicians to connect with their voters, and the event’s speakers were well-known names from some media houses, agencies, and big companies.

Social Media Marketing Festival — London, England

Date for 2019: May 1st to May 3rd

Date for 2020: May 12th to May 14th

If you use social media marketing to grow your brand, than this social media conference is definitely for you! Social Media Marketing Festival is UK’s top social media event is also known as the most engaging event of this kind for social media marketers. Why the most engaging? Because besides listening to various speakers who are experts in their field, you can also attend various workshops, case studies, and do a lot of networking in between. Its primary focus is encouraging debates, which is always a great thing especially if you’re in the smm world.

The Social Conference — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date for 2019: March 21st

Date for 2020: March 26th

The Social Conference is best suited for medium-sized and big businesses who want to grow their brands on social media. There’s already a date for the 2020 conference, and you can expect to learn more about the latest social media innovations and how to use them to grow your business. The speakers are already announced, so if you want to know more about upcoming trends and new ideas and innovations, the Social Conference is an event for you.

Social Media Conferences in North America

Social Media Marketing World — San Diego, California

Date for 2019: March 20st to March 22nd

Date for 2020: March 1st to March 3rd

This 3 day event is one of the most popular social media conferences in North America and worldwide, so it’s definitely worth the visit. Social Media Marketing World is organized by Social Media Examiner. This media company and marketing resource consistently brings the world’s top marketers and experts in the biggest social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. So, you can expect to learn the newest social media strategies, advertising campaigns, see what’s popular in content marketing, learn new analytics techniques, the latest trends, and so on.

Some of the speakers who attended the 2019 event were Social Media Examiner’s founder Michael Stelzner, a social futurist called Mark Schaefer, leading experts in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms, analytics gurus, and many more prominent names in the world of social media. So, if you’re a social media marketer, a small or medium-sized business owner, a solopreneur, an influencer, or a social media creator, and want to grow your brand, learn what’s new and upcoming in the social media world, and make valuable connections — this social media conference is definitely for you.

INBOUND — Boston, Massachusetts

Date for 2019: September 3rd to September 6th

Date for 2020: probably the same month

This is another major social media conference with over 350 speakers, organized by HubSpot. INBOUND has always had amazing speakers. Some of them are the former first lady Michelle Obama, the popular American television producer and creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal Shonda Rhimes, the American business executive and author Beth Comstock, the American professional wrestler and actor John Cena, but also popular names from the social media world.

In the 2019 event, which is yet to come, some of the speakers will be CEOs of big, medium-sized, and small companies like Reddit’s co-founder and executive chairman Alexis Ohanian. Also best-selling authors like Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert, comedians like Chelsea Handler, actors like Jada Pinkett Smith, experts in the most popular social media platforms, and many more. With so many speakers covering exciting topics from the social media and digital marketing world, make sure to bring your laptop or notebook and take lots of notes!

Social Media Strategies Summit — New York City, New York

Date for 2019: October 15−17

Date for 2020: probably the same month

Social Media Strategies Summit in New York is advertised as the number one social media marketing event for senior-level professionals in the field of digital marketing and social media. This year there are some additions to the event, like roundtable discussions, networking dinners, and deep-dive workshops. This looks like a great event for corporate social media marketing professionals. It features prominent speakers from companies like NBC, Lyft, IMB, and Microsoft. For those more interested in the workshops, you can learn more about converting viewers into customers, retention marketing and strategic tips about creating content online.

Social Fresh Orlando- Winter Park, Florida

Date for 2019: November 13−15

Social Fresh Orlando features one stage, with one track. It’s a finely curated social marketing event with awesome and high-quality presentations. Social Fresh is a great conference that has organized more than 20 events in the past years. Whether you are an executive, digital marketer or an owner of a business, you can participate, listen, and learn a lot in those three days. There are many social media managers and directors participating as speakers, as well as founders and CEOs of some awesome companies.

Social West Canada — Calgary, Alberta

Date for 2019: June 12−14

Date for 2020: June (5th year)

Social West is the largest social media conference in Western Canada, where participants can learn a lot from the experts and their presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. More than 35 professionals were featured in the 2019 edition of Social West Canada. Those who will participate in this conference, can listen to expert speakers from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, McDonald’s and many other big companies that are very active and have high engagement on social media.

Social Media Conferences in South Americа

Advertising Week LATAM — Mexico City, Mexico

Date in 2019: February 19−21

Date in 2020: March 3−5

Advertising Week LATAM 2019 was a great success and more than 4000 marketers, advertisers, designers and others interested in social media advertising attended. With 185 speakers and more than 100 events, Advertising Week LATAM can surely be called one of the biggest advertising and social media conferences in Latin America. Some of the past speakers in this conference include Mark Cuban, Al Gore, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington.

Social Media Week São Paulo — São Paulo, Brazil

Date in 2019: September 9−13

Date for 2020: probably the same month

In the most populous city in Latin America, on the 9th of September you can go and participate in this full week conference, which lasts from Monday to Friday. Social Media Week organizes many conferences throughout the world, and the one in São Paolo is considered to be among the best social media conferences in Latin America. There are many tracks you can choose from, and get knowledge in the fields of influencer, social, video and game marketing, storytelling, branded content, Instagram for business, chatbots, and much more.

Social Media Conferences in Asia

Social Media Week Jakarta — Jakarta, Indonesia

Date for 2019: November 13−15

Date for 2020: probably the same month

In the capital of Indonesia, Social Media Week organizes yet another conference for media, marketing, and technology professionals. This one is the biggest social media event in Indonesia, where you can learn from experts through their presentations, speeches and workshops. Some of the featured speakers include individuals from Facebook, 9GAG, TikTok, and Twitter. Although the conference lasts only three days, there are workshops that go on for five days, where you can get the newest tips and tricks about social media marketing, visual storytelling and how to engage your customers with content that tells a story.

DigiMarCon Asia Pacific — Singapore

Date for 2019: September 18−19

Date for 2020: probably the same month

DigiMarCon Asia Pacific is an excellent choice for any professional who wants to hear the latest trends in the digital marketing sphere, from audacious speakers and experts in their fields. Some of the topics that are going to be included this year are content marketing, digital strategy, social media and video marketing, tracking & optimization, etc. Most of the speakers are working for the largest companies in the world, which are very active on social media and use digital marketing to grow their brands.

Digital Marketing World Forum Asia — Singapore

Date for 2020: February 18−19

This is a two day event held in the island city-state Singapore. Having more than 10 years of experience in organizing digital marketing events, the Digital Marketing World Forum knows what people want and how to deliver it. By participating on this conference, you will get to hear the latest trends in digital marketing from experts who have worked in the fields of digital marketing and strategy for many years.

Social Media Conferences in Australia

DigiMarCon — Sydney, Australia

Date for 2019: August 28−29

Date for 2020: probably the same month

If you are a digital marketing professional who happens to live in Sydney, you should not miss the opportunity to learn something new at DigiMarCon Australia. This is an event for every business and marketing professional who wants to hear other professionals and experts in their fields talk about digital strategy, social media marketing, retargeting and mobile marketing, and much more. Many agencies, entrepreneurs, brands, start-ups, and investors attend DigiMarCon Australia. Some of the most well-known companies which participate through their representatives include Adobe, Amazon, Google, EA, Netflix, and Apple.

Social Media for Gov Summit — Canberra, Australia

Date for 2019: May 14−16

Date for 2020: To be announced

In the capital city of Australia — Canberra, this year was held the 13th Social Media for Gov Summit. The two-day conference was packed with speakers — leading experts, mainly from Australia, who talked about social media, marketing, and online engagement. There were speakers from the UK Prime Minister’s Office (head of media), and other experts who work with Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. There were two workshops after the conference, one on how to capture an audience in three seconds and the other about how to optimize your website to work for your social media.

International Conference on Social Media and Technology — Sydney, Australia

Date for 2020: January 30−31

ICSMT in Sydney is a conference that wants to share the newest trends and innovations about social media that are proven by researchers and academics scientists. With a special focus on research analysis, this is the place for fellow researchers and academics among others interested in hearing more about the latest research papers. Some of the selected papers that are going to be discussed in the next conference are about the effects social media has on the study habits of students, analysis of social media usage when it comes to the elderly, and some papers about tourism and travel.

State of Social '20 — Perth, Australia

Date for 2020: June 23−24

State of Social is an excellent event for anyone interested in the most recent trends about digital marketing and social media. Third year in a row, State of Social has been proven to be a high-quality event, where you can hear speakers talk about real social media trends, fake news and other popular topics. This is probably the best social media conference in Perth, where you can also expect to get a gift bag, morning coffee, lunch, and treats.

Social Media Conferences in Africa

Social Media Week Lagos — Lagos, Nigeria

Date for 2019: February 4−8

Date for 2020: Not announced yet

This very well organized social media event in Lagos is a great place for anyone to learn more about the current and future social media trends and new ideas that revolve around it. With its main stage for keynotes and many rooms for other presentations, workshops, and masterclasses, this conference can be very advantageous to individuals seeking to know more in this field.

DigiMarCon Africa — Johannesburg, South Africa

Date for 2019: October 30−31

Date for 2020: probably the same month

DigiMarCon is an esteemed conference for digital marketing that organizes events on almost every continent. They always feature high-rated speakers from top-ranking companies. DigiMarCon Africa is no exception, since they have speakers from Microsoft, Unilever, Facebook, Oracle and other professionals in their industry. If you attend DigiMarCon Africa you can learn more about the latest trends in mobile marketing, user acquisition, digital strategy, geo-targeting and much more. If you happen to be in South Africa and want to hear experts talking about building traffic and increasing brands awareness, don’t miss this conference that is going to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg.

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