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Instagram Checkout

If you’ve been surfing the web about Instagram in the past few months or tried to buy a product while on the platform, you’ve probably come across its newest feature called Instagram checkout. 

By Ana Simova, content writer at Ranking Press

But what exactly is Instagram checkout? Should you as a brand and/or a consumer use it? How does it work? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this Instagram checkout mini-guide, so read on.

What is Instagram Checkout?

If you’ve ever purchased a product online that you first saw on Instagram, you already know that once you clicked on the «Buy now» button you were instantly redirected to the seller’s website or Amazon. Well, this is no more.

Instagram checkout, otherwise known as Instagram shopping checkout, is the latest feature that this visual platform introduced that takes the shopping experience to a whole new level. It allows consumers to purchase the products they love directly on Instagram, without redirecting them to another website! Why are everyone so excited about this, you might wonder? After all, this saves you only a few seconds of your time, so what’s the big deal?

Why is Checkout on Instagram a Good Thing for Consumers?

Firstly, this is a more secure way of buying products online. You only enter your purchasing information once, which, according to Instagram, is then securely saved for other orders. This way you won’t need to enter your purchasing details and credit card numbers on multiple sites that you don’t trust, but only on Instagram.

Secondly, it’s more convenient. As we just said, you only enter your purchasing information once. So you can buy products with one click of a button without being redirected to other sites where you have to do this process over and over again. You can pay with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Lastly, you can track your orders, manage them, and even return them while on Instagram! What’s more, if you have any questions or complaints about your orders you can contact the brands, again, directly from Instagram. How great is this?

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What Does Instagram Checkout Mean for Businesses?

As you might have already guessed by now, only good things.

Brands will only benefit from this new feature. Since buying products will be easy-breezy for consumers, that means more sales for brands who offer their products on this social media platform.

Brands will also be able to be more engaging with their customers and interact with them on a whole different level, which also means more sales.

If your brand relies on visual content and you sell products, Instagram Checkout will increase your sales since it’ll make the ordering process simpler and easier for your followers.

Beware that you can only use this feature with organic posts in your newsfeed, Stories, and if your products are featured on the explore page. This means that Instagram Checkout is not for ads. At least for now. We’re sure this’ll change in the future.

Also, you should know that there’s a fee involved for every brand who wants to use it. How much is this selling fee? We still don’t know given that this feature is still in beta testing with only a few select brands. Do you know that you also have a chance to be a part of this beta testing? Read on to find out how.

So, if you’re not on Instargam, what are you waiting for? It’s a great marketing tool for both big and small businesses. Especially if, as we mentioned, your brand relies on visual content.

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What Does Instagram Checkout Mean for Instagram?

If this new feature is a win-win situation for both brands and consumers, it’s a win-win-win situation if we put Instagram into the picture.

How will this platform benefit from its latest feature?

Well, as Instagram Checkout’s popularity increases, more brands will want to become involved, which means more Instagram accounts for both brands and users. But even more importantly, Instagram charges retailer’s fee so they’re making money as well.

Also, Instagram surely gathers valuable data about its users and businesses. What will it do with it? Maybe make the user experience better? The checkout process more efficient? Who knows, but one thing is certain — they’ll surely use it to their benefit.

How Does Instagram Checkout Work?

Using Instagram Checkout is very simple.

  1. Find a product that you love.
  2. Click on it to buy it.
  3. If there are different colors and sizes, choose the ones you want.
  4. Click on the «Instagram Checkout» button.
  5. Enter your purchasing information (only the first time you use this feature).
  6. Click on the «Place Order» button.

Congratulations, your order has been placed. The app will send you a notification as soon as your order has been shipped, and you’ll be notified again when your order reaches its destination. You can also track it to see how long it’ll take for it to arrive, and if something goes wrong, contact the brand directly from the app.

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Can All Businesses Use Instagram Checkout?

It’s August 2019, and this feature is still in closed beta for businesses, meaning only select brands lunched it in March. Some of these brands are: Adidas, Burberry, H&M, Dior, MAC Cosmetics, Zara, Prada, Revolve, Michael Kors, Colour Pop, and a few more. You can see the full and updated list by clicking here.

But don’t worry, there will come a time when all big and small businesses can use it, we assume sooner rather than later. However, if you’re impatient, you can apply to be a part of the beta testing. All you have to do is click here and give Instagram some information about your business.

Can All Instagram Users Shop with Instagram Checkout?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. At this moment, this feature is only available to users from the US, so if you’re one of the lucky ones you can try it out with the brands we previously mentioned.

Last Words

Instagram has always been trying to find new and more efficient ways to make the shopping experience simpler and quicker, and its latest feature does just that! For now, Instagram Checkout sounds great for everyone — consumers, brands, and Instagram itself. How will it progress? Only time will tell, and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

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