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Here’s what your Social Media Management App should be doing in 2017

By Daria, Project manager at Rocketbank.

«Why another social media management app», you think? Is there anything that Buffer, Hootsuite, and the others can’t offer in 2017? Well, yes, there’s a ton, and the room for improvement is enormous.

I’d like to explain myself in this article and tell you a bit more about what a modern social media scheduling and analytics toolkit can and should be capable of, why we built one, and why you absolutely should try it.

Modern social media management services can save you tens of hours you could have spent manually posting to social networks, retrieving data, and putting together reports. Let’s take a look at Amplifr and see how exactly a SaaS like that is helping social media managers, entrepreneurs, and digital agencies.

Scheduling a post to social networks and messengers

With Amplifr you can schedule or post content to all your social accounts (groups, public pages, personal pages, and channels) in a couple clicks.

The post editor validates content for each of the social networks' requirements. We all know you can’t post more than 140 characters to Twitter, but it gets more complicated since all networks support different content formats. You can’t post a picture and an OpenGraph card to Facebook simultaneously. You can’t post more than 700 characters to LinkedIn. And it goes on and on. Luckily, our editor won’t let you schedule anything that the network won’t process. If your post doesn’t meet requirements for any of the networks, you can add a specific version for that network in the same window.

If you’re on social media as frequent as we are, you may have noticed that your feed on popular social networks is updating crazy rapid. So easy to miss great content! That’s why anything you posted with Amplifr can be easily reposted in one click.

If something went wrong, like, you posted the wrong link or made a spelling mistake; you can delete a post from all social networks right from the calendar.

Also, the post editor in Amplifr has some small features that are just nice to have, such as emoji picker, typographer, and image drag-and-drop. It supports all types of content, including gifs and videos!

When choosing a tool for scheduling and publishing, make sure it checks your content against social media rules and limitations so that you don’t get unnecessary errors later.

Organizing Accounts into Projects

Freelance social media managers, advertising agencies, media projects, and entrepreneurs connect dozens of social accounts to Amplifr. Pages can be organized into Projects.

Invite your co-workers or clients to the Project to observe, receive analytics digests and reports weekly and monthly, or collaborate on the content plan for the project.

Whether you’re running a big social media management agency or a company with a lot of regional branches — every client and every branch can have their Project with the whole team present.

One of the tricky parts for a social media management app for agencies is client stickiness: It doesn’t make sense to pay for client access if you still have to email analytics digests every week because the client can’t login to the app, right?

We’ve worked hard to make Amplifr easy to pick up, so your co-workers and clients can get on to it a matter of seconds, without you nudging them.

Managing Teamwork

The whole team in charge of social media can work on a project using Amplifr. There are two access levels — the one that enables posting, and the one that only enables looking through analytics and schedule. If you want to add a new member to the social media team, you won’t need to handle them all the passwords to the company’s social media accounts — besides, it’s not safe.

You’ll always see who created each post in the schedule, so no crying «who the hell wrote this?» aloud in the office this time.

Want drafts and pre-moderation with your client? Well, that’s something we’re working on right now.

Predicting the best time slots in your schedule

As soon as you connect the social accounts, Amplifr will gather your audience’s activity data: the time in which your audience is most engaged and leaves more impressions, such as likes, comments, and clicks.

Based on this data, Amplifr predicts the best time for posting for each day of the week. It’s available in the Analytics section and the Calendar.

However, if for your Project it’s important to post at a particular time every day, you can easily create a calendar with custom time slots.

That’s just a single most obvious application of machine learning Amplifr has built in. Others are anomaly detection, metrics prediction and content discovery. We’re rolling them out gradually for a limited set of clients. Want to give it a try? Hit us up; -)

Sending Social Media Performance reports

Users of every Project receive weekly and monthly reports on Project’s performance. These reports include conversions, traffic, reach, likes, comments, and audience increase or decrease.

The metrics are also available at all times in the Analytics section and via our chatbots.

More on Amplif’s Excel Report

For advanced social media analytics, Amplifr generates Excel reports with source data, summary tables, and a dashboard.

Reposting to Social Networks from RSS Feeds

With Amplifr you can automate posting from RSS feeds to your social accounts.

Every 10 minutes we would check if your feed has new content. If it does, we will take the text and an image, create an OpenGraph card will publish to all social profiles connected to the Project.

You can add more than one RSS feed to a project.

Each link posted with Amplifr can be shortened with one of our link shorteners (, amp. gs) or on a custom vanity domain.

If you enable the link shortener, we will be able to count clicks from all of your social networks, so you can have a full picture of what are your best social traffic sources. Traffic data will be available in the reports.

If you choose not to shorten links, we’ll only be able to count clicks from Facebook.

Why UTM tags are so important

We add UTM tags to all the links you post to make social traffic appear in the relevant reports in Google Analytics. If you added the tags manually, we wouldn’t overwrite them, so if it’s important to set a specific utm_campaign, just add it to the link, and we’ll add the source and the medium.

Tracking your competition

In Amplifr you can track your competitor’s social metrics and compare them to your own. You will receive a weekly letter with their stats, that will include the most popular posts, active audience percentage, and engagement (likes and comments).

Publishing and Analytics with chatbots

With Amplifr chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram, you can post and schedule on the go, request reports, and receive notifications. Also, chatbots enable our Scheduled Reminders for Instagram.

How to Get Started

To start using Amplifr sign up using one of your social accounts or your email address and add the social accounts you want to manage. As soon as you connect Amplifr will analyze your audience’s activity, suggest best posting time, and send first performance report.

We offer a two-weeks trial, so you have time to try out all of our features. After that, each connected social profile costs $ 5.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to hit us up on Twitter and Facebook, or drop us a line.

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