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Creating an Excel (lent) Social Media Marketing Report

By Nate, CEO and Founder at Amplifr

As soon as your social marketing campaign’s KPI gets more serious than counting likes and calling it a day, built-in social networks' statistics suites become unfit for serious data analysis, performance improvement, and comparing your results to ones of your competition.

That’s why analytics solutions, such as Social Bakers, Simply Measured, and Amplifr reports, appeared on the market. There’s quite a large gap between «Uh-oh, a report made of social pages screenshots is not enough anymore!» and «OMG, Simply Measured is so expensive, we can’t afford it!» — and you still have to analyze your data, even in that gap.

An easy way to do so, though not the simplest or time-saving, is downloading reports from different social networks, convert them to table forms (.csv or. xlsx), then gather all the received data together, and, finally, start your analysis. It may take a couple of days to collect raw data, and another one to work with it in the actual report.

Microsoft Excel is perfect for such analytics because you can put a bunch of raw data there, and build a report featuring appropriate experiments, data selections, summary tables, and a dashboard with conclusions and recommendations. Such report will probably be quite graphic and totally fit for showing your co-workers or clients. The problem with this DIY approach is that every time you need to update your report, you’ll have to do the same thing over and over — download raw data, convert it, gather together. Without programming skills, this process will be hard to automate.

Amplifr is a social profile management service on data steroids. We’re already using your profiles' data to calculate best posting time, content analysis, and our metrics prediction engine. That’s why we created a full Excel report with source data, summary tables, and a dashboard.

To try Amplifr’s Excel Report:

  1. Go to «Analytics» page in Amplifr.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. Choose a period you want to be reported on.
  4. Press «Download Excel report.»

We’ll send the report to your email in a couple of minutes after you press the button. Take a good look at it, and come back to the article afterward.

Here’s what we put in our Report:

  • All data from connected profiles and pages.
  • Engagement Rate, by followers and by impressions.
  • Clicks and traffic.
  • Audience growth or decrease.
  • A Graph Dashboard.

On the Dashboard

Network Activity Graphs. How your audience reacts to the content: quantity of the reactions, quality of it, and Engagement Rate.

Engagement Rate. Calculated with post reach (ER = reactions / post impressions), and with followers (ERf = reactions / post page followers at the post publish date). We kept both ways because our clients use both methods in their reports.

Traffic Metrics. How many people came to your website via social networks: which posts, which links, when.

Audience Metrics. Shows audience increase or decrease, and your Active Followers: percentage of people who are most engaged with your content.

Our report is best for…

Businesses. The report will show how many visitors on your website come from every social network, and which posts perform better. Your SMM manager will be able to schedule more posts like ones that showed more engagement. More traffic for you!

Agencies. We gathered the key metrics for all the posts and networks in our report. You can show it to your clients — don’t forget to put a logo in the corner! No downloading raw data and DIY reports anymore.

In future versions we’ll add

  • Automatic Topic Selection. Even for Amplifr users who don’t categorize their content. We’ll give topic recommendations, based on the posts' performance and engagement rate.
  • Updated Dashboard. With the built-in comparison between time periods.
  • Traffic metrics for the posts with non-shortened links and Conversions.

Try our report now! The report works in free Excel Online (add files via Dropbox and OneDrive) and desktop Microsoft Excel (2015 and newer).

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