Social media publication scheduling and analytics for your audience engagement and team performance

To all social networks from one window, metrics from posts to projects, collaboration and automation of routine.
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More done in less time

Grow your social channels and get more out of the content you’re already producing. We’ll find the perfect time to post and get your posts right for every social network

Weekly overview

Our weekly overview helps schedule posts days or weeks in advance so teams can understand what’s planned before it goes live — no more surprises.

Daily analytics

Know what’s working (and what isn’t) with built-in analytics tools that track hundreds of data points.

Find the perfect time to post

Set up your own time slots for your posts, or we’ll make suggestions based on your performance.

Amplifr UI example

Get extra traffic and engagements with Evergreen

Amplifr’s Evergreen Scheduling runs the algorithm to weight and rank all your content for a specific slot, and then chooses the right post. Schedule posts days into the future and build an evergreen content strategy that does the work for you.

Bulk scheduling and RSS import

Save your time by uploading and scheduling posts at once in CSV or Excel formats or importing them from your RSS feed.

Work together, not alone

Break up your social media by project, department or team, and give people only the access they really need. Get everyone onboard and work better together.

Share accounts, without sharing passwords

Invite as many team members as you need to work with you, from your company or beyond. Restrict posting access to only those that need it, without sharing passwords.

Manage all your Projects in one place

Group your social media accounts by a shared content plan, analytic insights and best time recommendations into the separate Projects inside one account.

Powerful collaboration tools to get the entire team on the same page

No more Trello, Google Sheets, Calendars, Word documents or endless email chains. Get feedback from your team before going live with private notes on your planned posts. Approve posts before they’re published with Content Workflow.

Insights you can use

Powerful, simple to understand analytics. Get insight across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more in one dashboard. Plug in Google Analytics and we'll give you precise data on how your posts really did, not just an estimate.
Built-in analytics

tools that track your performance

Rich insights

that aren’t hard to read. Invite everyone from your company, and get buy-in from every level.

Our ML tools

help you post at the right time to maximize reach by suggesting the perfect slot.

Link shortening and UTM tags

Analyze clicks and visits with built-in link shortening. Have an account with or want to use your own custom link shortener? You can do that.

Get to know your competitors

Take a look at other brand’s metrics and top performing content. Amplifr collects all public fundamental metrics and pack them into the report.

Analytics with ease

We deliver your performance metrics by email, on Facebook messenger or Telegram. Easily share your success with your manager, team, or clients.

Content calendar

Store, edit, and schedule your content for all of your social accounts at once. We’ll publish them automatically, according to your posting schedule.
Smart validator

Get your posts right the first time with our validator tools and learn how to make them even better

Content Tagging

Apply custom tags to your content for better organization and report.

Content library

Have a brilliant idea for a new post, but you don’t have time right now? Save it to Drafts and work on it later.

Love using Emoji, hashtags, page mentions? We’re a perfect fit for you too.

Works for all sizes. Solo freelancer to big company, we’ve got your back

Flying solo? Do more with less and squeeze extra minutes out of your day with Amplifr. We'll take care of the heavy lifting across your social media so you can focus on growing your brand.
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Big or small, make your team more productive and get even better performance out of your social media channels. Tools for your team including approval workflow private notes, per-project permissions and more.
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The smartest way to manage social media across your clients. Charge clients directly with per-project billing and avoid the invoicing headache. Invite people that need access and lock down accounts to your liking — without sharing passwords.
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