Scheduled posting to social networks that helps you earn money

Quick switch between projects
Calendar view
Daily stats in the calendar
ML-based best posting time prediction
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Multi-channel scheduling

Amplifr helps you post to all the social accounts you manage. Schedule your content and then you don’t think about it: it’ll be posted on the time you chose.

We support most popular social networks and messengers.

  • Even more soon...

I manage our company’s social media profiles with Amplifr, and it helps a lot. I can schedule posts for best suggested time slots, and see which are the most engaging posts in the analytics dashboard.

Revenue and social media analytics

Well managed social media generates money. We calculate which posts have gained more user engagement and attract more users to your web site.

Our AI algorithm will even do predictive analytics.


Time to go data-driven. Amplifr shows which content converts better and helps you adjust your schedule based on that performance data.

Three levels of analytics

Single post stats. See if your audience liked the post and how much revenue it attracted.

Daily stats. Get an overview of your daily content hits and misses.

Analytics dashboard Look at the figures in perspective and planning future campaigns.

In-house social media managers

Gather the metrics into weekly reports for the bosses. We compose and send neat weekly analytics digests to you and your clients (if you want us to), and prepare detailed Excel reports.

More about automatic reports


Bring more value to the companies you work for and earn more money for your work. Negotiate based on real, evident figures, not just likes count.

Ilya Novikov, Balt Auto Trade BMW

We’ve tried various tools before switching to Amplifr. Amplifr is the best. We love full and detailed analytics reports, and use smart time suggestions in the scheduler as well. Social media landscape evolves extremely fast, and Amplifr keeps up with it.

Multiple projects and collaboration

Amplifr allows you to group social accounts into an unlimited number of projects and switch between them seamlessly. Schedule content to the projects and work with analytics independently.

Unlimited number of projects and co-workers in each project for free

Invite co-workers

You can invite an unlimited number of people to work on the project together: plan content, post it and analyze the metrics. Manage access levels between each member of the team.

Has access to analytics only
Can publish posts and see analytics
Project Owner
All of the above and sees billing

In-house social media managers

Managing various social media marketing branches and people responsible for them, avoiding the mess.


Working with multiple clients and having multiple gigs, all in a single workspace.


We’re using Amplifr ourselves to manage Amplifr’s and personal social media profiles in the team of five authors and marketers. It’s super easy to collaborate on schedule and send analytics reports to your colleagues. Amplifr makes editing your content super transparent and straightforward.

Works on any device

Laptops and desktops:
in a browser
iPad and Android tablets:
in a browser
iOS: native app

in a browser
Bots for
Messenger and
iPad and Android tablets and phones, laptops and desktops: in a browser
iOS: native app
Bots for Messenger and Telegram


$30per company per month
A free two weeks trial, no credit card info required.Sign up

60 days money back guarantee. Tell us if Amplifr doesn’t work for you, and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


Hot to install bots

Start chatting with @AmplifrBot on Telegram or Facebook Messenger, and the bot will guide you through the setup process.

AmplifrBot can help you schedule posts on the go and peek into your performance as well.

Automatic reports

Your social media performance data is available on Amplifr online.

We’ll also send you a weekly and monthly report for each of your projects with highlights and trends. You can invite your clients and partners to receive that digest as well.

If you’re into data analytics and like Excel — Amplifr got you covered on that too. You can download the Excel report, which contains all your raw stats (recorded on a per-day basis), and pivots that data into a dozen views (performance by network type, by weeks, by authors, by hashtags, by labels, etc), and it has a dashboard with charts! A lot of our clients use the Excel report to do client presentations.

Conversion Analytics

We connect to your Google Analytics account and grab goals data from there. But to measure each post’s performance precisely, we add an additional URL tag each posts link and then group conversion and traffic stats from GA by that tag.

  • You publish a post with a link to your site using Amplifr
  • Amplifr adds special tags to the link
  • Your readers go to the site and perform the target actions
  • GA calculates conversion data
  • Amplifr retrieves conversion data and measures each post’s conversions separately