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Twitter Support: A Guide for Using Twitter for Customer Support

Are you on Twitter? Because your customers definitely are. Or even better, do you provide your users with amazing customer service on Twitter? As a glance at successful brands will show, using Twitter for customer support effectively is always one of their most powerful assets.

Grant users an outstanding customer care on Twitter and you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors. Nothing beats being there for you users, not even offering great products. Customers crave attention and Twitter has made it easy for your brand to hand over to them everything they need.

We are sure you’re already painfully aware of the fact that social media can raise one brand at the top or completely wipe it off the map. Of course, the way in which you treat your customers on social media will play a big part in where you stand on the scale.

We live in a hectic world where users don’t want to waste their already squeezed intervals of free time writing emails of phoning in order to fix an issue. According to Sprout’s Survey, approximately half of all social media users have turned to Twitter in order to raise a question concerning some brand or fix an issue. Now that you’re aware that you should use Twitter for customer support, let’s go over everything you can undertake in order to provide your clientele with surprisingly efficient service.

A Quick Run Through The Most Important Features

Twitter offers a series of features to provide better customer support, so you better tap into it.

You can start by activating these features on the new Customer Support settings page on the Twitter Dashboard website. To start using them, you first need to enable the settings to receive some of the features.

  • Display a button for direct messages

Let your customers know that your business offers them private support. Oftentimes customers face issues that need a longer description that just can’t be put into 280 characters.

  • Display your support hours

It is very important to provide your customers with this detail so they know when to expect your answer. By doing this, with just one step you will avoid angry customers that felt neglected. This will also indicate that you acknowledge and appreciate their time. Check the box «support hours» so you can let your customers know in advance when you’re most responsive on your profile.

  • Turn on support option

When people search for your brand’s name this will be one of the first things that they will notice. You need to check the «Provides support» box. After that when customers search your account name it will appear beside your brand’s name.

Why Use Twitter for Customer Support

With 326 million users and over 500 million tweets written daily, it’s easy to see why companies' presence in the hectic Twitter world is a must. Numerous statistics confirm that users appreciate brands that try to engage with them on this platform. As this survey precisely shows 85% of SMB Twitters users believe that is important for companies to provide customer care on Twitter. What’s more, brands that use Twitter for customer support have noticed a lift of 19% in customers satisfaction. Aside from that, customers love witty and funny Twitter company accounts where they feel free to engage with the brand. A strong presence on Twitter gives out the impression that the brand is innovative, responsive and ready to maintain strong bonds with users.

Another interesting survey revealed that 31% of users are more likely to remember what they saw on Twitter. It seems that Twitter’s squeezed bites of information are far easier to recall than the stream of posts users are browsing on other platforms. People remembering your tweets is exactly the thing you need in order to raise your brand’s reputation.

Additional important information you must consider if you are doubting whether your brand should use Twitter for customer support are these statistics that show that 85% of small and medium brands use Twitter for customer service and 92% of companies tweet more than once a day!

And while we are at it, the Twitter blog revealed that 96% of users that used Twitter for customer service and were satisfied with the experience will buy a product from that brand again. What’s more, 83% of them would spread the word about the great customer service they experienced.

It’s obvious, Twitter’s impact on brands is indisputable. We recommend your brand to embrace these Twitter killer features because they allow real-time service. Aside from that, brands can use the platform’s character limit to deliver fast, easy and personalized customer service. The 280 character limitations pressures both customers and companies to get to the root of the problem without unnecessary long interaction. It is estimated that solving an issue via Twitter costs $ 1, as opposed to $ 16 for delivering customer support through a call — center.

Learn how to effectively use Twitter for business in order to reach new audiences and get new customers.

Turn Negative Feedback Into Marketing Wins

New research from Maritz and Evolve24 conducted on 1,298 Twitter complaints found that only 29% of the negative remarks didn’t get a reply from the companies in question. Big mistake!

If there is an issue with some of your products or some of the services you provide, admit it quickly and emphatically. Show users that you’re aware that your company is not perfect and that you can make mistakes, but you’re eager to do everything it takes in order to fix things as soon as possible.

What a difference that kind of talk can make! You will immediately reduce the amount of sullenness and resentment. Customers will immediately feel better because they will feel that you handled the situation with consideration for their point of view.

This is a formula that can do wonders for you and turn even the angriest posts in a marketing win.

Always answer in a friendly, cooperative spirit, and insist that they were right even if the problem was exaggerated. Use this type of communication and disappointed users will easily get warmed and despite issues, may become more loyal to your brand as they will appreciate that you are ready and set to satisfy their demands.

Take a look at the way KFC mighty PR has managed to transform a severe Twitter insult into a great ad campaign for their new fries. Not only did they accept the customer’s negative opinion, but they took a step further and put it on ads everywhere while at the same time announcing new products. A brilliant move that actually strengthened KFC’s credibility.

So, the lesson to be learned here is never ever ignore negative feedback. Burying your head in the sand is one of the biggest mistakes you can do in the world of social media, given that nothing gets more on customer’s nerves. Instead, show deep respect for your customers' opinion.

Don’t argue with your followers. Especially avoid doing it publicly! Don’t let them get stirred up. Use a little diplomacy and you’ll win them all over again.

Develop A Customer Support Strategy

Create a strategy with your team on how to cope with different questions and issues. In order to be one step ahead of your clientele, you should try to predict your customer’s requests and issues. Most of their questions or issues will be repetitive. By predicting customers' problems, you will be able to respond quickly and keep them satisfied. This will be beneficial for both sides as it will save your social media manager or digital customer support team a lot of time.

Monitor Your Brand’s Mentions on Twitter

Some customers won’t reach you but will post that they have a certain issue with your products or services.

By monitoring your brand’s mentions on Twitter, you will be able to help even those customers that didn’t ask for direct customer support.

This is a great strategy to keep users satisfied. Of course, in the chaotic Twitter world, where over 500 million tweets are written daily, it’s hard to grasp how your company’s reputation is rating online. Aside from that, users are constantly using new hashtags and mentions and you will need to periodically check new keyword combinations in order to stay up to date.

Provide Customers With Quick Responses

Recent reports have provided us with the information that 42% of customers on Twitter expect that they will get a response within an hour. The great thing about Twitter is that you can use the platform’s character limit to your advantage. Customers will need to be direct in order to explain their issues and the same goes for your answers. If you are not able to provide them with quick responses throughout the whole day, as mentioned above, display your support hours. By doing this, they will know when to expect your answers and you will avoid a chain of bitter posts. Also, use Direct Messages in order to discuss longer issues or disputes with your customers.

Personalization is the Key to Top-Notch Customer Support

People love attention. Keep this in mind while building your strategy around Twitter customer support and you’ll easily get delighted customers. Satisfied customers are also your brand’s best assets when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing which proved itself as an unshakable marketing strategy even in the digital era. Customers want to know that you’ve taken the time to answer their question or reply to their comments. And not only have you taken the time, but you’ve made an effort to make them laugh or reply to their posts in a witty manner. If you manage to make them feel important as customers, they will always come back to your brand.

Of course, using templates is an easy solution because that can save you a lot of time. But, it’s a deal-breaker for customers. If they notice that you use a copy-paste approach on their post, they will feel like just another customer. You need to avoid this at any cost because customers will easily run to another brand that makes them feel important. By putting an effort and letting them know that their posts are relevant to you, you will build a chain of loyal customers. Always opt for personalization and avoid templates. By personalizing your responses, you create bonds with your customers. Use emotion and humor. Customers hate to be confronted with a cold generated response, instead, they want to feel that they know the face of the brand.

Providing great customer service by using Twitter for customer support is an easy task due to the number of tools available and if you decide to put just a little effort and time, you’ll be one step ahead of brands that do not provide customer-focused responses.

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