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How to Give a Brand Instagram its own Aesthetic

We asked Varya, CEO at Periodica Press, how they create content for their Instagram profile, make it attractive, and schedule content. These tips are useful not only for brand pages but also for social media influencers and personal profiles. Periodica Press is an app for printing custom high-quality photo books, calendars, and postcards, made from your Instagram content.

Outline the visual concept of the profile

Name the criteria the profile should be meeting

The main two objectives for a brand Instagram profile should be selling the product and building brand awareness. Avoid running the profile that’s just begging the followers to buy your stuff—unless you’re trying to sell waist trainers and skinny teas. Don’t overdo the awareness part too: any follower should have a clear understanding of how to buy the product if they decide to.

Here’s our profile quality checklist: Boosting sales:

  1. Content pictures increase desire to buy the product;
  2. Immediate reaction to any feedback;
  3. The profile has all the necessary information (website links, phone numbers, address).

Brand awareness:

  1. Distinct visual style;
  2. Stands out of the crowd of your competition;
  3. Gives a clear explanation what your product is for.

Collect references

Devote a couple of hours to researching your competitors’ presence on Instagram. Make a list of what you like and don’t like about their profiles. Look further than your niche. Find the most aesthetically pleasing profiles and think about how you can mimic their styles to create content for your profile.

Instagram profiles I like
Instagram profiles I like
What makes an Instagram page pleasant to look at? I think it comes down to visual harmony: using complimenting colors and having a distinct concept. I usually begin with putting together a color scheme and discussing it with the team. Once we’re done, I’m free to experiment with content.

This may seem tricky when you begin, but once you have some practice it will seem like the easiest task ever

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Create visual guidelines for your profile

Gather together reference pictures with colors that you like and content that looks relatable to what you’re going to post yourself. Analyze what you like most and how you can implement it in your own profile. Post pictures keeping in mind that the first thing a person sees when they come to your profile is the color scheme and picture arrangement. Their decision whether or not they should follow you can be based on what they see!

Try to mimic a profile layout, how the profile will look like on Instagram. I used to do this in Photoshop but then switched to Keynote, because it turned out to be way easier to use for this purpose. I advise making two layouts, one with real pictures and one with the dominant colors of these pictures.

For our Periodica Press profile, we use warmer colors. Our brighter posts are mostly red, orange, and yellow. To enhance them, we use complimenting colors as well: white, grey, and brown.

It took us about three months to figure out which style works best for the profile and we’re constantly coming up with new ideas. For example, when Stories arrived, we had to figure out how to incorporate them into our Instagram routine.

Make content scheduling guidelines

Maintain balance in content categories

Color layout with content categories
Color layout with content categories

In our Instagram profile, we focus on delivering quality pictures of our product: showing our photo book details, paper textures, size references. At first, to generate more content, we offered our friends, Instagram bloggers and influencers, our book samples and asked them to take pictures. Now we also have a photographer working with us, who creates visual content fitting our schedule.

Having a schedule makes planning shoots and posts way less complicated

We always know what and when we should post. If you spend some time on making a schedule for your brand Instagram, planning content won’t take much time. Another benefit of having a schedule is simplifying communication with photographers you order product pictures from.

For our Periodica Press app, Instagram is one of the main traffic sources. However, when working with Instagram as a promotional platform, you need to take users’ behavior and content consuming habits into consideration. Sponsored posts and banners get less engagement than regular posts. People on Instagram want to look at beautiful pictures.

For all the lifestyle-oriented brands Instagram should be the platform of choice when it comes to showing off their product and communicating with the audience.

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